How to find the best Italian villages
How to find the best Italian villages
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How to find the best Italian villages

From Sicily to Valle D'Aosta, a website to help deciding where to go

When visiting Italy, most travellers make the head for famous cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan, and some of them are experienced enough to add to their itineraries medium-size cities such as Parma, Lucca, Orvieto and Pisa, just to name a few.

However, what not many tourists know is that some of the country's dreamiest holiday destinations are tiny, little-known towns and villages off the beaten tourist track.

From sleepy Sicilian seaside escapes to postcard-perfect Tuscan hamlets, a new website is now available to guide Italian-lovers through all of them. It does not matter if you are planning to travel to the North or to the South: just click on the region where you want to go to access all details about the best corners of Italy.

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