Exploring Italian culinary excellence in Campania
Exploring Italian culinary excellence in Campania
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Exploring Italian culinary excellence in Campania

Sea food, pizza, coffee and babà

Campania is an Italian region facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, and whose food products are famous in the whole world. Culinary excellences like mozzarella di bufala or San Marzano tomatoes are originally from this region. The territory is flat and the climate is extremely favourable. Therefore, Campania's soil is very fertile for farming and agriculture.

To taste its delicacies, you can choose between Amalfi coast and Sorrento coast. In both, the most places are reachable only by boat. For example in Positano, a ferry takes you to restaurants from the sea. While entering any of these restaurants accessible only from the sea, it's easy to forget about the external world, put away your phones and other technological devices and enjoy some grilled mozzarella on lemon leaves, some mussel soup with grilled fish or sea food linguine. In Sorrento, it is worth having a taste of some fresh tuna with olive oil served with caprese (mozzarella and fresh tomatoes) or linguine with tuna, capers and olives. Of course, this extraordinary culinary experience can be further intensified by good wine and stunning views.

Naples is the main city of this region and also the centre of Mediterranean cuisine. They say the lanes smell of clean laundry and homemade ragù. Moreover, this city represents the homeland of pizza and in every corner you will find high quality standards. Naples is also famous for its sweets, like babà, sfogliatelle with ricotta accompanied by espresso, a must of Campania.

Naples is also the most ancient city of Europe. Walking around the city, you will find different layers of architectonic styles, symbol of the subsequent dominations that this city has experienced. Plebiscito Square, the Royal Palace, New Castle, also known as Maschio Angioino are some of the historical buildings that turn Naples into an open air museum. For its geographical conformation, Naples has a warm climate throughout the whole year, a detail allowing tourists to visit the city any time they like.

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