Abilmente, the Italian fair inspiring manual creativity
Abilmente, the Italian fair inspiring manual creativity
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Abilmente, the Italian fair inspiring manual creativity

A "Total White" Christmas edition organised in Vicenza and Rome

Abilmente, a celebration of creativity, which attracts thousands of manual creativity experts and enthusiasts every year, returns with two Autumn editions in Vicenza from October 19th-22nd in the pavilions of Fiera Vicenza - a new schedule of events, more spaces and a greater variety of proposals -  and at Fiera di Roma from November 2nd to 5th, offering the central-northern Italian general public the exclusive experience of meeting experts, trend-setters, bloggers and major companies in the manual creativity sector.

Experientiality remains the key to success and distinctive trait of Abilmente, namely the possibility for enthusiasts and intrigued visitors to transversally construct their own journey through the marvellous world of Do-It-Yourself, with an array of different techniques and materials, discovering international trends and innovation, and above all through active participation in laboratories, workshops and opportunities for discussion with reference experts.

The strong point of Abilmente Autunno is naturally the theme of Christmas, themed around the colour white. From hand created table decorations, small gifts, to the most original gift wrapping ideas, both editions of Abilmente will offer the most complete scenario of everything which can be made using various techniques, for a unique and once in a lifetime Christmas.

This year's Vicenza edition will breathe new life into an exquisitely feminine manual activity, ancient yet trendy. The space dedicated to Embroidery and Crochet inside the 'Take your time' will welcome visitors on a journey of discovery of a traditional art as well as ancient techniques with a modern reinterpretation, which beckons us to slow down and relax in taking up embroidery.

During both editions, both creative enthusiasts and intrigued visitors who love challenges and fun, can relish in the sheer number of opportunities ranging from patchwork to tricot, knitting, stencil work, home decor, embroidery, jewellery creation, uncover their own creative dimension and discover their own hidden manual talent.

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