There is a fund that helps start-ups
There is a fund that helps start-ups
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There is a fund that helps start-ups

Mind the Seed, a venture capital fund organized under U.S. law, is about to get under way. It will invest in new Italian business initiatives

Francesco Storace (Enel Green Power), Giovanni Perissinotto (former Generali Insurance) and Fedele Confalonieri (Mediaset): they are a few of the underwriters of Mind the Seed, the first American fund devoted to early stage venture capital (helping start-ups) that will focus on Italy.

They invest with the goal of helping the finest talents in our country to go into business for themselves.

Challenging the markets and leaning on a structure that by now is thoroughly broken in. Promoter of the initiative is none other than Marco Marinucci, who flanks the new fund to his Mind the Bridge Foundation.

Then there is the Italian Business & Investment Initiative, a New York-based platform created by Fernando Napolitano, which also operates the Italian program of Fullbright Best.

And there is the Start-Up Initiative project organized by Intesa Sanpaolo.

«We have now come full circle» says Napolitano. «We will finally be able to invest in the start-ups we choose».

Marinucci adds: «The first closing was made at 7 million dollars. The idea is to give an average of 50,000 dollars to each of the seven or eight companies that we take to Silicon Valley every year for three months of non-stop training to learn the ABCs of high tech entrepreneurship».

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