The Italian Carbon Sink invests in clean cooking in Ethiopia
The Italian Carbon Sink invests in clean cooking in Ethiopia
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The Italian Carbon Sink invests in clean cooking in Ethiopia

The project contributes to reduce the mortality rate linked to the emissions worldwide

Italy can be proud of its innovative startup Carbon Sink, active in environmental protection and sustainability. Together with Coopi (an humanitarian, non confessional and independent organization that fights against all kinds of poverty), the green company has launched a project in Ethiopia to distribute 6 thousand sustainable kitchens to families in 5 rural communities.

The main aim of the initiative is to improve local population's quality of life and health and at the same time to reduce Co2 emissions by changing the combustible used for cooking.

The lack of "clean cooking" is a quite serious issue in developing and under-developed countries. In fact, in these scenarios, still 3 billion people use very polluting materials - such as wood, carbon or dried manure - to cook and to warm themselves up.

This habit has a terrible impact on the whole planet and its population. On this topic, the World Health Organization stressed that these primitive practices pollute the atmosphere, causing the death of 4,3 million people every year. Moreover, they seem to be the cause of the suffering of 110 million people affected by chronic diseases. Surprisingly, these emissions are the first cause of mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa and in South Asia, overcoming the deathly potential of HIV and Tuberculosis.

These data seem quite shocking also because only a few people know about the real impact of this kind of emissions. Therefore, the distribution of "bio-effective" stoves can and will have a positive effect on climate change, reducing its side-effects throughout the planet.

Another ambitious project is still going on in Monzabique. Here, Carbon Sink has set up a partnership with Cloros (a private investor) and Avsi (an Italian non-governmental organization), which has as primary goal the one of distributing 15 thousand sustainable kitchens. Surely, the Italian Carbon Sink and its partners are making great efforts in this sector and hopefully they might work as a model for other companies to invest in sustainable projects like clean cooking.

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