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Take My Things

A new app to have your things delivered wherever you want

Take My Things is the new "social transport" startup conceived by two Italian friends - Guido Balbis and Francesco Demichelis – as the new best friend of people who often forget things or need others to take them.

Guido and Francesco came up with this innovative idea when Francesco forgot the keys of his house at the beach and – given that no one was willing to take the keys to him – he had to drive back for 150km.

Take My Things was officially launched in January 2016 and it allowed more than 1,000 deliveries in only a few months. Initially active only in Turin and Milan, the platform has grown significantly and now covers the whole nation.

Take My Things is a delivery network working via App. The latter is free for download and it is very easy to use. You just need to insert the object, the pick-up address and the delivery location together with the deadline for the delivery and the amount of money you are willing to pay. Once this information is uploaded, Take My Things works to find a person willing to deliver the object to you.

Several people are on the network, such as Chiara who lives in Milan and is far from home and Giacomo who is a commuter and brings her a package from her mum every month. Also, Take My Things hosts shops which do not have a delivery service and use the platform for their deliveries, people who forget their documents and need them wherever they are and much more.

Take My Things is a great business opportunity for those who want to make some extra money, such as students or those people who are currently unemployed. Furthermore, Take My Things is totally green: displacements are optimized and peer-to-peer is transformed into an outstanding eco-friendly activity.

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