Nowave: mixing design with excellent eye care
Nowave: mixing design with excellent eye care
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Nowave: mixing design with excellent eye care

The new Italian startup producing fashionable blue light blocking glasses

When spending a long time in front of a screen, our eyes can become red and tired. This phenomenon is mostly due to blue light, a kind of light emitted by all technological devices and led lamps. Blue light does not only cause eye fatigue and redness, but it could also trigger other problems, such as headache and insomnia.

Nowave was conceived by Gino Repetto (41 years old with a long CV proving his experience in the pharmaceutical and optics sector) and Mauro Piras (28 years old, marketing expert) with the purpose of fighting the effects of blue light. Nowave glasses - blue light blocking, anti-UV and anti-reflective HMC - block the harmful waves and give immediate relief to eyes.

As highlighted by Mr Piras, Nowave idea arose from the need to help professionals from all over the world sitting for a long time in front of a LED screen. Not only professionals, but also students (who prefer reading and studying with digital devices rather than using traditional means), gamers, and those people fond of TV series who are extensively exposed to blue light.

Through market research, MrRepetto and Mr Piras found out that there was no product merging quality with an attractive design. People needed an effective tool to fight blue light, but also something fashionable, which could attract a wide public. This discovery led the two Italians to create Nowave.

Nowave founders have also stressed the great convenience of their glasses also in economic terms: their average cost is about 60? because they sell them directly rather than through intermediaries. Their only channel of distribution is the web, through the platform Amazon, selling throughout Europe. Today, Nowave proved to be a successful model, having over 10.000 clients: 80% of their turnover comens form the Italian market, 15% from the European one and the remaing 5% from the extra-UE market.

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