MotorK launches DriveK, "Tinder for new cars"
MotorK launches DriveK, "Tinder for new cars"
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MotorK launches DriveK, "Tinder for new cars"

The innovative Italian company as a leader in automotive technologies

MotorK is the Italian company protagonist of the great wave of innovation characterizing the entire European sector of automotive distribution. Founded in 2010 by Marco Marlia, the company has soon become one of the greatest actors within the automotive sector, partnering with about 90% of automotive producers on the European market.

The dynamic Italian company - today gathering 10 million dollars of investments - develops a wide range of digital tools and services devoted to the automotive sector. Among them, DriveK (the biggest digital marketplace of new cars in Europe), DealerK (a special platform devoted to sellers) and Internet Motors (the most important European event in digital automotive). In particular, DriveK was interestingly defined by some operators in the field as the "Tinder for new cars" mainly because of its functioning.

The app gathers information on the customers' preferences thanks to the innovation of machine learning. The first step is to present the user a series of images concerning different cars models: if (s)he swipes left it means "not interested", on the contrary swipe right means "interested". This process allows the definition of a clear range of options that match the users' preferences and budget. Therefore, DriveK creates a sort of virtual garage with the options better liked by the user, who can then ask for quotes or other technical information about selected items. The app is already available for iOS and Android and it is active in Italy, Spain and France.

MotorK founder, Mr. Marlia, has recently declared "we are very happy about the progress we have made so far" but this is just a springboard towards further growth and expansion. First thing first, Mr. Marlia is looking at increasing his team and adding new products to their portfolio in order to keep satisfying the needs of automotive sellers and producers.

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