Italy rents its real estate treasures
Italy rents its real estate treasures
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Italy rents its real estate treasures

A new initiative to requalify breath-taking venues ad foster national growth

The Italian government has decided to rent some of its real estate precious treasures for a limited time, i.e. 50 years. As explained by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, not everybody knows that the Italian Republic can be proud of its assets, namely 32 thousand properties, 14 thousand plots of land for a total value of 59 billion Euros. Today, these information are finally available to all citizens thanks to the new online platform OpenDemanio, set up for a greater transparency by the State Property Agency.

Besides the technical details of the properties, it will be also possible to identify those historical sites, which are going through a renovation process, such as villas, convents and castles, usually no more used and abandoned.

In order to avoid this excessive neglect, the State would be glad to rent them - through public and private calls - for maximum 50 years. During this period, the precious sites would be transformed into host-venues for high-quality Made in Italy products from the world of art, music, craftsmanship, design and food&drinks.

Some examples are Porto Venere (Liguria) becoming a cultural hub with new exposition spaces to rent; the former prison in Nuovo di Procida (Naples) hosting activities for tourists' reception, along with the Aragonese Castleof Otranto (Lecce) becoming a civic museum and a multi-function centre.

Other remarkable sites to be rented are the former Airport Eleuteri (Perugia) - becoming part of the Transimeno Eco-Museum - the Grand Hotel in San Pellegrino Terme (Bergamo) used last time 30 years ago. Additional beautiful scenarios is the former Convent of Reformed Fathers in Palermo (inside the Madonie Park).

As commented by Roberto Reggi - Director of the State Property Agency - this initiative marks a significant turning point for the Bel Paese, which seems ready and enthusiastic to requalify some top places, ignored for too long. Lastly, the project stands as a new catalyst for a further social, economic and cultural national growth.

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