Improving pharmacies’actorship in patients’ treatment: here comes Chorafarma
Improving pharmacies’actorship in patients’ treatment: here comes Chorafarma
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Improving pharmacies’actorship in patients’ treatment: here comes Chorafarma

Financed by Withfounders, the new startup aims at equipping apothecaries with all the skills and tools to assist their chronic clients

The business angels gathered in Withfounders are giving a great contribution to economic growth and innovation, financing 200 projects and 12 new companies in less than one year. The investment society was created in 2013 by a group of 5 startupper entrepreneurs who created job opportunities for 150 people through the different initiatives supported, with a global turnover of more than 10 billion Euros.

This time they decided to trust Chorafarma, investing ?500.000 in its activity providing a "plug and play" package to pharmacies.

The original start up aims at "transforming pharmacies in a centre of diagnosis and sanitary assistance, with telematics medical reports and an online platform connecting apothecaries, doctors, clinics and families in that specific area", states Francesco Tozzi as Chorafarma founder and CEO.

The Italian pharmacies involved will be - after an initial small investment -part of a franchising corner offering services (diagnosis, assistance and monitoring) to chronic patients, such as those affected by heart problems and diabetes. Pharmacies would have the chance to offer their clients additional services with reasonable prices in line with the public health system rates.

Giulio Valiante - Withfounder founder and managing director  - stressed how private health expenditure had a 25% increase in the last 10 years and most of it is devoted to minimal upsets, quickly treatable. This is a great and wide market, which is growing in terms of dimensions and significance.

Additionally, Chorafarma can count on a team of expert managers to guarantee high standards to the medical assistance provided. The philosophy underlying each activity is the "importance of human capital as an essential element for a successful performance of a start up", Carlo Frigato as (Withfounders) argued.

The business angels' next step is to develop new technologies to run the commerce and to digitalize the companies' procedures, making them more effective.

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