Cityglance, the first transport social network
Cityglance, the first transport social network
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Cityglance, the first transport social network

A social network that allows finding a person between the crowds of people that are in the subway every day

Great ideas can come when you don't expect them and it is the level of committment that increases the probability to transform your idea into a start-up. This is what happened one ordinary morning to Enrico, a students from Milan, when he was taken the subway to go university. Lost in his favorite song and still half-sleeping, he started looking around inside the carriage. His attention was directed to a boy and a girl staring at each other: both of them wanted to start a conversation but none of them was brave enough to take the first step.

Enrico started thinking that technology could help people to become more confident in these kind of situations. He went home and he called his childhood friends Carlo and Dino to tell them about what he had seen. They immediately saw an opportunity and started to work on the project.

That was the beginning Cityglance!

Cityglance is a social network that allows finding a person between the crowds of people that are in the subway every day. How does it work? All you have to do is sign up, enter your ordinary subway journey and your physical characteristics. Or you can search the person you failed to approach filling out his/her physical traits and the station where you had the glance back. The tangled algorithm will provide you with all the matching criteria, saving all the quests in order to be reached once the other person makes a similar research. The added values lie in the possibility to connect with people on the same railway thanks to a geolocalization channel and obtain and share useful information on public transports such as delays and defections.?

For being a start-up, they already obtained discrete success; In fact, they have been selected by Mind the Bridge and incubated by Polo Tecnologico of Pavia with other four start-ups. This experience represented a first approach to start-ups' world and an occasion to create networks and new competences. But that's not all! They won the Mind The Bridge Competition that provided them the unique opportunity to cross the bridge and to fly to San Francisco for the MTB Startup School. Once there, they received great feedbacks from other startuppers and investors. Thus, they are planning to go back to launch Cityglance in U.S.

In the world of social networks Cityglance aims to reach those commuter that every day get bored by the indifferent people around them and has the goal to transform simple carriages into social hubs where virtual friendship or true love can become a reality.

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