Pope travels to quake zone in Italy to comfort victims
Pope travels to quake zone in Italy to comfort victims
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Pope travels to quake zone in Italy to comfort victims

On Tuesday Pope Benedict XVI encouraged victims to find the strenght to overcome difficulty

By Nathania Zevi

In his speech held on Tuesday in front of thousands of believers on his arrival in Rovereto di Novi, Pope Benedict XVI praised the victims of earthquakes that struck the north central region of Italy few weeks ago.

" Your hearts" he said  "have no rifts, they are strongly rooted in faith and hope. All Italians admire your humaneness, industriouness and joviality."

The Pope did not bring words of hope only, but he addressed to authorities and any citizen, exhorting to behave like the good Samaritan of the Gospel, being moved with compassion and showing mercy to suffering people.

Benedict XVI added that Church is close to earthquakes victims with prayer and  in concrete terms, through institutions like Caritas, by reorganizing parish communities. " This tragedy must highlight that you are not and you will never be alone" he said.

" My presence here is a sign of love and hope, I was deeply moved  when I saw your devastated land, but at the same time I could see so many "hands" willing to help you, to work with you with determination and courage , I saw life starting over and this was the brightest and most beautiful sign."

Recalling the postwar period Benedict XVI underlined that Italy was rebuilt over the rubble by material help but also and above all  thanks to the support of the faith of people encouraged by true spirit of solidarity and their will to give  a future to families, a future of freedom and peace.

" On this rock" the Pope reassured " with this strong hope we can built , we can rebuilt".

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