Expo 2015: Milan studies how to host visitors from all over the world
Expo 2015: Milan studies how to host visitors from all over the world

Expo 2015: Milan studies how to host visitors from all over the world

Explora’s handbook provides country-specific visitors’ profiles

Milan needs to be ready for the Expo 2015. One of the most pressing front where the city has to work hard to improve its performances and capacities is in hosting people from all over the world. As a matter of fact, tourism has changed and tourists have become more and more demanding.

For this reason, Explora - the first Destination Management Organization- has prepared a handbook on how to best accommodate international tourists, focusing on 19 countries, i.e. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Emirates, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland and United States.

This vademecum contains some useful  culture-specific hints. For instance, it provides an identikit of the typical visitor, his expectations, habits and some instructions to avoid horrible blunders.

Very interesting profiles have come out this project. For instance, Australian voyagers are defined as tolerant, technological and green. Great fans of outdoor activities, new things and passionate about coffee! They spend about half of their budget for the accommodation -mostly a well organized and serviced hotel - and the other half in food and wine. On the other hand, Belgians are defined as informed and gourmands. They love Italian food but more than that they adore French fries. Moreover, they are very demanding on beers and are regular users of SPAs.

Chinese visitors spend a lot of money in luxury products, such as watches, clothing and cosmetics. In general, they are very superstitious and one should be aware not to give them room 4. This number is associated with death, whereas 8 is a symbol of fortune and prosperity. Furthermore, they are very punctual and don't like waiting. They are also known to be curious and to make several questions about the place and the local culture. Finally, there should always be a boiler in their hotel room since tea and infusions are welcomed the whole day.

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