Welcome to the Ciocoyo' world

Welcome to the Ciocoyo' world

This Italian brand new company is ready to start its chocolate adventure in London

The concept of luxury chocolate is not that new, but it is unbelievable how many times it can be reinterpreted and refined. Today, it is Ciocoyò's turn to do that. This Italian brand new company, whose main aim is offering its clients high quality products and an excellent customer service support, is now ready to start its "chocolate adventure" in London, where it is about to open its first shop in Stratford, inside the Village Market.

Although there are four Italians behind this company, Michele Busia, 1970, the franchising expert; Fabio Froro, 1974, the quality manager and store controller; Luciano Saldon, 1969, Ciocoyò master chef; and the IT manager Salvatore Arcifa, 1969, it had since the beginning a very strong international inclination. Accordingly, it is not a coincidence that its first store will be inaugurated in a few weeks in the hearth of London.

Michele Busia describes Ciocoyò as a new concept-brand / concept-store associating high quality, impulse purchase as well as luxury & comfortable interior design. Ciocoyò belongs to the category of "Luxury food", and it does not like to be described as a chocolate, an ice cream or a yogurt shop.

Two events have been organized to welcome Ciocoyò in London. On March 18-19, during the "Ciocoyò Day", free hugs will be distributed for every chocolate. On March the 19th, Piccadilly will host the Choco Night Event.

According to spoilers, the "must-taste" of the new Ciocoyò shop in Stratford are: hot chocolate; cold chocolate; ice cream & chocolate; wafel; ice tea infusions; creams & ice cream; velvets; barley & ginseng; tea & infusions; crepes; surprise baskets; hot creams, ice creams; yogurt; and water ice. If all this is true, it will be easy to become Ciocoyò addicted.

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