The successfull story of innovation in Italy

The successfull story of innovation in Italy

Forbes praises Italian companies, with a special focus on technological start-ups

In a time when the job market is extremely difficult to stabilise, many young talented Italians have decided to become entrepreneurs, a launching ground-breaking innovations.

The American magazine Forbes has recently spotted some Italian new innovative companies that are performing extremely well on the market. Among them, MusiXmatch, an app created by Max Ciociola from Bologna. The app has already 30 million users and has made a turnover of 10 million Euros by providing the lyrics of 7 million songs available in 38 languages. In addition, its recent integration with Spotify has contributed to the rise of the Italian app.

The second remarkable innovation was conceived by Simone Lini, 25 years old. The name of the startup is Waynaut, a portal offering travel deals (cheap and fast) mixing traditional transports (bus, metro and train) with original systems, such as bike, car sharing and car-pooling. Mr Lini was able to launch his company thanks to the #WCap Accelerator, a Tim initiative to support innovative projects and which provided Mr. Lini with 500.000 Euros.

Drexcode is a web boutique where to rent suits and dresses coming from top Italian fashion designers at a price equal to 10,15% of the actual selling price. The brilliant idea was conceived by Federica Storace who have quite a bit of experience in multinational marketing. She could set up the business thanks to the support of private investiments from LVenture Group, Ligur Capital and the Italian Angels for Growth.

Another brilliant Italian mind is Giuseppe Morlino who conceived Snapback, an app allowing to activate your smartphone, tablet and other devices through simple actions of sounds. The business received a great support from Luiss Enlabs and Invitalia, besides being selected by Cognicity (London) as one of the most interesting realities concerning the cities of future.

Lastly, Forbes praised BeMyEye, an idea conceived by Luca Petrelli, 42 years old from Milan. Through this app, people are told what kind of job they should do and they get paid per hour. Apparently, even BeMyEye has achieved great success, being mentioned by among the 100 best Iyalian start-ups.

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