The Italian contribution to the new Chinese development program

The Italian contribution to the new Chinese development program

“Made in China 2025”: when competition induces improvements

The cooperation between China and Italy brilliantly continues in the economic field and the Italian corporate presence in China is remarkable. In fact, China is the first foreign country with the highest density of Italian companies out of national boundaries. Today, as explained by the Italian news website AgiChina, there are over 150 Italian businesses in China with an annual turnover of more than 477 million euros.

In order to increase the cooperation with local partners, the Italian companies in Suzhou, a small city near Shanghai, are launching the first business forum with local companies, scheduled in June 2017. This initiative is framed within the Chinese development program for the manufacturing sector, known as "Made in China 2025", a 10-year plan launched by the government in 2015.

The Chinese market seems very much focused on manufacturer trades and technological startups, which are rapidly growing supported by the government. "Made in China 2025" is a program able to transform the industrial relationships in the world, in the next decades. It will open up a space for new competitions and challenges in several fields, such as aerospace, aviation, marine technology, biopharma, renewable energies and much more.

Guido Giacconi - managing partner in In3Act - is an expert consultant in the field of business opportunities in complex markets and he is also the author of the report "Made in China 2015 unveiled". This document is very important in order to have an idea of what the Chinese market will be like in the following years. Undoubtedly, China has undertaken a process of modernization, acquiring new skills and technologies, which will make it an even stronger world economic giant hard to challenge. If Italy does not want to be left behind, Mr Giacconi gives some hints on the technologies Italy should focus on, such as to increase the investments in research and development for innovation.

Notwithstanding the need to look forward to constantly improve, it is fair to say that Italy is doing very well, especially in the field of "green manufacturing" where Italy excels. However, if Italy wants to keep up its excellences, it is essential to keep working on innovation, improving its actual standards.

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