Sergio Mattarella

President Mattarella's letter for This is Italy-parts unknown

The real value of the Italian products lies in their quality and beauty, the Head of State says

Several times in the past I have had the opportunity to express my appreciation for "Panorama d'Italia". I now wish to encourage and support the presentation of this important initiative in the United States in order to promote the best of our country overseas. "This is Italy-Parts Unknown" will showcase some Italian prominent figures in economy, culture, science and gastronomy.

Worldwide, there is a strong demand of Italy, in the fields of art, culture, style, fashion and language. It is essential, therefore, to increase our commitment to meet this demand, being aware that success, in Italy and abroad, will depend on our capacity to work together, to generate synergies and to constantly improve our products, sharpen our ideas and deepen our insights.

The real value of the Italian products lies in their quality and beauty. Indeed, this is a living tradition nourished by our work, history and culture, a capital and a legacy entrusted to us so that we could pass it on to future generations.

I am certain that during this three-day event in New York, Italian excellences - including those already very popular in the US - will serve as a testimony to our capacities and to our openness to the future.

Sergio Mattarella

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