Panorama awards the best startup

Panorama awards the best startup

A new prize in services and resources to boost young businesses

"90 seconds to take off" is the title of the new initiative sponsored by the Italian magazine Panorama. It is aimed at promoting Italian startups, which have already overcome the hardship of their early days, struggling now to grow up and give substance to their ideas.

The initiative will help new businesses to succeed in the market, through two main advantages. Firstly, the offer of concrete means to support the company daily. Secondly, skilled professionals to elaborate an effective business plan, along with the management of professional and financial resources. This set of tools, material and human, is called tool case, underling its purpose of potentiating the startup in several sectors.

Panorama will award one company at the time - the one identified as "the best" - on a regional basis. Companies willing to apply need to send a 90 seconds video to the following email address, i.e. The same address is the right recipient to write to even to ask for further information. 

The jury together with the editorial staff will then assess and select the best project. The latter will be then invited to the round table "Start-up: innovate and renovate".

Panorama is an Italian weekly magazine, founded in 1962 by Arnoldo Mondadori. Always devoted to educated readers, Panorama touches several themes across politics, economics, current events and international facts. This year marked the third edition of the tour "Panorama of Italy" where the magazine went back to discover the best of Italy. The initiative "90 seconds to take off" follows this line of exploring Italian talents and its stands out as a further engagement of the magazine in fostering young businesses and businessmen. In fact, not only Panorama advertises a "window of the best local startups" but also gives a useful prize in resources.

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