Next Food Award by Image Line 2017

Next Food Award by Image Line 2017

Innovative foods within an innovative contest

The ground-breaking food innovation contest was recently launched for its first edition. It is the Next Food Award by Image Line and it addresses startups active in the field of sustainability and innovation with at least one product from their own brand. The contest is framed within the "The Global Food Innovation Summit", taking place in Milan at Rho Fair, where the winning company will be awarded between May 8th and 11th 2017.

The Global Innovation Summit was launched by Seeds&Chips (aimed at fostering sustainability among companies involved in the food sector) and 63DE-SIGN (developers of design solutions for brands, products, private companies and institutions). Sustainability is the key element of the context and it must characterise all phases of the productive cycle, packaging included.

The winning company will be awarded a graphic packaging by 63DE-SIGN, consultancy for the choice of packaging by the Department and Architecture Design of Turin Politecnico, the chance to host a student of industrial design as an intern in the company and marketing consultancy.

The participation to the contest is free and companies presenting products with specific characteristics are more than welcome to apply. In particular, products should be sustainable, reducing the environmental impact, in the field of agri-food and adequate to foster the communication between producers and consumers. The application process is open until April 26th.

Cristina Vannini Parenti - president of 63DE-SIGN - commenting on the contest declared "startups are antennas receptive to new trends of evolution both cultural and anthropological. For this reason, it is essential to help them". Also Marco Gualtieri - Seeds&Chips founder - expressed his opinion on the context, stressing the great role played by innovative foods in facing the most pressing challenges humankind deals with today. Climate change and food supply are among them and several new startups active in the field of new foods should be encouraged and supported.

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