Nara Camicie celebrates its 30st birthday

Nara Camicie celebrates its 30st birthday

A successful story of Italian shirts

For the past thirty years, Nara Camicie has served Italy the best shirts, with the creation of over 10 thousand different models. This is Nara Camicie story in a nutshell.

It all started in 1984, when the Italian entrepreneur Walter Annaratone, from Milan, had the brilliant intuition of opening franchising stores specialized in shirts. Mr Annarantone's expertise in retail came from a long family tradition. His idea was to sell a high quality product with a refined style.  The shirts were thought to serve Italian as well as international markets.

With the acquisition of two other shirt labels, Walter Annarantone officially founded Nara Camicie. "Passaggio Obbligatorio" was one brand, by fashion designer and owner Mario Pellegrino and "Camicieria E&G", by Enzo Pellettieri, was the other one. The three young entrepreneurs were ready to launch their shirts in a joint project.

They opened their first store in the luxurious Via Montenapoleone in Milan, one of the most prominent shopping streets in Italy. This store is up to now the main style icon of Nara Camicie image and brand identity. The interior design of the stores remained a sign of distinction when Nara Camicie expanded on the international market. They now have stores all over the world.

In 1999 architect Bruno Viganò designed a fresh look for the stores. The new interiors were neat and minimalistic with windows showing very few props. All was thought in favour of emphasising and leaving space for the shirts.

Nara Camicie provides a full variety of choice, thanks to the over 300 models presented in each collection by Mario Pellegrini (Passaggio Obbligatorio) and 80 by Enzo Pellettieri (Camiceria E&G). The dynamic interaction between these fashion designers has been supplying Italian and international customers with original shirts for the past 30 years.

To celebrate this important birthday, Nara Camicie's shops will receive this month a limited edition collection made of six extraordinary organza models for women. Some of them are casual, and some of them are classic, but they are all beautiful.

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