Musement, the Italian App to travel “as you like”

Musement, the Italian App to travel “as you like”

A personal concierge to bring with you all the time

Musement - the Italian innovative online platform - has launched a new App that works as a real portable concierge. It allows users to live every city as if it was their own, offering a personalized list of all the local attractions.

Starting from a list with thousands of "things to do", the user can select the ones appealing to his preferences, weather and period of the year he is travelling. The selection will therefore become quite narrow, identifying 3-5 experiences he should not miss out.

The original App also allows travellers to interact with real concierges in the city, thanks to the service of instant messaging. The professionals answer real time to the single requests and they work together with a team of editors who take care of the contents selection.

Once the user has decided what to do, he is able to book straight from the app. He can be easily involved in guided tours, food&wine tastings, sport events, concerts, exhibitions and much more.

At the same time, the operators of the sector - such as agencies, events organizers and tour operators - can offer their services on an editorial self service platform, managing their accounts via App. They can also launch some promotions, last minute reductions or other special deals in order to attract more customers.

Alessandro Petazzi - co-founder and Musement CEO - has proudly stated that the company's aim is to satisfy the need of a traveller who is becoming more and more demanding, who looks for new and exciting experiences tailored on his preferences.  Musement offers the first 5 stars hotel concierge service in the world to a very broad and diverse public, influencing the way of travelling in Italy and abroad.

Undoubtedly, Musement App is having a remarkable impact beyond national frontiers. In fact, after its launch in 2013, the App is today available in 7 languages, and accessible across 300 cities in 50 countries.

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