In Italy knowledge is a virus

In Italy knowledge is a virus

If there is a field where italian people can really make a difference it is the innovation one

The first appointment of Meet The Media Guru 2013 edition, an all-italian project that aims to promote the diffusion of innovative ideas by personalities from digital culture, took place on tuesday 03/05 in Milan.

If there is a field where italian people can really make a difference it is the innovation one. A powerful example is "Meet The Media Guru", a project founded by Maria Grazia Mattei, journalist and digital communication expert. Together with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Lombardy Region, the Fiera Milano Foundation and the Province of Milan, she and her team aim to create a brand new italian way to digital development.

The project consists of a series of free and public meetings designed to sensitize people to the endless possibilities offered by digital technologies, deepening in fields like social innovation and contemporary sociology.

The first meeting of the year took place tuesday, march 5th at the Mediateca S. Teresa with a first-rate speaker: the japanese advertising and digital expert Morihiro Harano. He talked about the important role of social medias in the advertising field and how the core concept is to create how to create: we have to redefine the whole creative process and the usual way of doing business.

Meet The Media Guru is only one of the several italian projects that are trying to change the way we think, create, innovate. It's a visionary space where ideas and utopias meet together. "Here you are infected and you contaminate - says the MMG Manifesto - so that our future may be the offspring of a better present."

Wonder when will the next event take place? In April, we will be able to meet with Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts and Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics. At the end of May, the "Guru" will be Kaiser Kuo, director of international communications at while the last meeting of the year will be in October, with the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman: together we will talk of post-modernity, dealing with the theme of contemporary sociology.

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