From Milan to the Silicon Valley: Gild’s made-in-Italy success

From Milan to the Silicon Valley: Gild’s made-in-Italy success

The new LinkedIn’s competitor in the International Market

Luca Bonmassar stands as a successful example of the Italian presence in the Silicon Valley. He is Gild's Co-founder, Chief Product and Technology Officer. The Gild Platform is the first intelligent hiring platform that helps companies hire faster than their competitors.

Its main strength concerns the unique use of three resources. Firstly, intelligence in terms of patented algorithms to ease recruiters in identifying and connecting with the right people at the right time. Secondly, the automation of many manual tasks that hiring teams perform today -data entry, interview scheduling, candidate and task tracking.. Finally,Gild enables collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers with its easy-to-use, user interface and an innovative communication system that eliminates the need for email. Some of the core services provided include access to over 11 million candidate profiles from about 200 countries; a skills analysis of each developer with ratings and a breakdown of candidates' proficiency in various programming languages; a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tool that enables the hunter to build a pool of passive candidates and track his interactions with them and a dedicated Customer Success representative.

Luca is a serial entrepreneur with a strong technical background and excellent track record of founding profitable startups. Before starting Gild, Luca worked for top-tier companies like Nokia and Vodafone, leading product and software development initiatives. At Vodafone, Bonmassar was the Lead Software Engineer for the division in charge of delivering a multimillion-dollar project that enabled the company to successfully enter the mobile social network space. Luca has multiple patents pending for his innovations. With regard to his academic background, he graduated in Computer Science Engineering from Pisa University. The entrepreneur has remarkably praised Italian engineers' skills and expertise and he chose Gild's headquarters in Milan to locate the R&D section.

Gild - with a capital of 26 million dollar - has officially become LinkedIn's competitor.

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