CinItalia: a new bridge between Italy and China

CinItalia: a new bridge between Italy and China

A new tool supporting integrated communication

September 2016 marks an important development for the relationship between Italy and China. The key-word is "connection" through an app that increases the knowledge of the two countries.The name of this app is CinItalia and it was presented for the first time at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September the 19th 2016.

The smart app was conceived by Radio China International, a radio broadcasting in 56 different languages, and it represents an example of integrated communication. Information is provided both in Italian and in Chinese and concerns monuments and natural beauties protected by UNESCO but also restaurants, airports and universities.

During an interview with AgiChina, Federico Cinquepalmi (from MIUR - the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) highlighted that "With regard to China, a culture that is thousand years old, we express ourselves in two idioms but we speak the same language". This statement reveals a beautiful image of two different countries and cultures that at the end of the day are not too far.

Antonio Giacomelli (from the Ministry of Economic Development) also enthusiastically commented on the initiative stating that "CinItalia is the outcome of a strong faith that something meaningful can come out the collaboration between two different countries like China and Italy, from which the whole international community can benefit". On this purpose, a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development will go to China in November to explore other areas to start a collaboration. The recent agreement between the Italian broadcasting corporation Rai and Radio China International is an example of the bilateral will to build links.

CinItalia uses the best of new technologies to strengthen the connection between Italy and China, whose story has been characterised by a reciprocal friendship over the years. Also, the Chinese Ambassador the Rome, Mr Li Ruiyu, has welcomed the initiative stressing at the same time the great amount of Chinese investments in Italy and frequent university exchanges.

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