A special pizza just landed in Milan

A special pizza just landed in Milan

Spoiled for choice among the great variety of Neapolitan Pizzerias

The Starita family - a landmark of pizza making - decided to open up a new restaurant in Milan. Their Neapolitan origins are undoubtedly an asset for the most demanding clients, who will be asked to decide between them and the popular Sorbillo and Spontini, the main competitors in the city.

Starita's story is quite long and goes back to 1901, when Alfonso (grandfather of the current owner, Antonio) opened the popular namesake restaurant in Naples. The place became famous in the whole national territory thanks to the film L'oro di Napoli (1954), directed by Victorio De Sica and starring Sofia Loren, sex symbol of the period.

Since that year, the restaurant experienced a lucky boom that convinced the Staritas to expand the business in the States, namely in New York and Atalanta. Recently, the Starita family started preparing for the opening of the fourth restaurant, in Milan. Antonio Starita optimistically said to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera that they will open soon, with 90 seats available and only people from Naples in the kitchen

Another Neapolitan family active in the field of pizza is Sorbillo. They are also based in Milan, a city in which the presence of Neapolitan restaurants is already significant. As reminded by Corriere della Sera, some remarkable examples are La Taverna di via Anzani, La Piccola Ischia, Fresco&Cimmino, Ciripizza, Capatosta, Maruzzella and La Vecchia Napoli. And of course, Milan could not miss hosting also the worldwide famous Rosso pomodoro and Fratelli La Bufala.

Professionals of pizza consider making it as a real piece of art, devoting great attention and care. And to those who say that pizza is unhealthy, pizza makers answer "their pizza is perfectly healthy" because they look at the smallest details, assuring high quality ingredients, natural raising process, an adequate oven and expert pizza chefs. Actually, the most professional ones keep on arguing that dressing pizza and to bake it are two different jobs, requiring diverse skills.

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