2016 Rome Maker Faire is about to start

2016 Rome Maker Faire is about to start

The eternal city hosting a great event devoted to innovation

Rome is about to open its doors to the 2016 Maker Faire. The event will take place in the Italian capital city, from the 14th to the 16th of October.

The fair represents an international stage regrouping great innovations from all over the world. In particular, 700 projects will be displayed and organised following specific themes. For this reason, each of the 6 pavilions will show a leitmotiv. Namely, the "Move" pavilion is devoted to flying drones, but also to other vehicles like bicycles and robots.

"Life" includes all forms of life, both human and animal. Also, projects concerning health, disability, nutrition, agriculture and gardening are all hosted by Life pavilion. Another example is "Young Makers", centred on schools and makers under 20, it involves activities and specific workshops devoted to young visitors.

Kids are welcome at Rome Maker Faire. The Kids' Area is 8 thousand square meters wide and it will host young participants ranging between 4 and 15 years of age. They will take part in interactive activities, such as technological labs, guided tours and didactic islands on making, coding and robotics. There will also be specific FabLab4Kids where young protagonists will have the chance to transform their ideas into functioning prototypes.

As prompted by Italian tradition, food will not be neglected. In fact, the Food Area hosting events, workshops and labs all about food. There will be also a space called "OffiCucina" characterised by greenhouses, robotics, foods of the future, seaweeds, sensors and futuristic tools. Curious visitors will have the chance to taste futuristic dishes at the "Food Tech Jungle", the restaurant of the future.

Worth mentioning among the main attractions, Watly as the first thermodynamic computer in the world and R1 "Your Personal Humanoid",  the first robot conceived to act in domestic contexts.

Finally, the Maker Music Area will be present this year as well, hosting music projects and excellent contemporary artists.

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