Wheelrider, a revolutionary case for bikers
Wheelrider, a revolutionary case for bikers
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Wheelrider, a revolutionary case for bikers

Wheelrider is a motorcycle top-case that can be transformed into a wheeled travel-case that meets the airlines hand-carry measurements requirement

If you love travelling by motorbike, the latest ideas of a brave Italian biker is probably what you need to raise the level of comfort when you go around, especially when you need to catch a flight.

Stefano Mangini, an Italian businessman based in Hong Kong who is definitely in love with bikes as a few years ago he decided to ride back home using his motorcycle and he travelled all his way from Shanghai, in China, to Genoa, in Italy, knows well that motorcycle top-cases are not very convenient for people travelling by plane or even for those who have heavy stuff to move around.

To solve this problem, he has developed a new case that can be used as a wheeled travel trolley. Stefano Mangini's Wheelrideris both a motorcycle top-case and a wheeled travel-case that meets the airlines hand-carry measurements requirement. Made with light carbon-base impact-resistant materials, female bikers in particular are expected to love Wheelrider as it is eventually bringing colours, style and beauty to the dull and ugly selection of motorcycle top cases. Beyond being waterproof and equipped with latest generation security keys, this innovative case has an interchangeable top for you to chose the size of your case in different situations. Finally, its base, that attaches to the rack of the motorcycle, can host additional accessories, such as a pouch containing an helmet and a seat covers.

Stefano Mangini's team have been working on this project for about 2 years, and they are now ready to launch it. According to the Italian biker, "Wheelrider was born with a broader idea to create a system to allow to top-case and other type of bags to attach and detach rapidly from a motorcycle. The base further developed with a system to attach to its back additional small pouches to serve different needs related to the motorcycle. In my vision, once this first step is done, more products can be developed with the same system allowing you to attach them to the same base effortlessly". While waiting for what he will develop next, bikers will definitely enjoy his new creation.

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