Kami Spa: a visionary space in the middle of Rome

Kami Spa: a visionary space in the middle of Rome

The project has been realized by Carlo Berarducci Architecture, an architectural firm that is spreading Italian-style and design around the world

The Kami Spa in Rome is among the most beautiful architectural creations of the year. Located in Parioli, one of the most exclusive districts in the city, it is a place where it is possible to feel like being in Japan. The building, which has yet to be opened to the public, is a visionary space that conveys an idea of excellence and luxury and includes one onsen bath, steam and scrub areas, a roof-top equipped with three reef bath, and eight so-called "Stunning Suites".

The project was realized by Carlo Berarducci Architecture, an architectural firm based in Rome and operating in Italy and abroad. The founder, Mr. Berarducci, started his activitiesin late Nineties and since then has contributed to the spread of Italian-style architecture around the world. He has received several international awards, including the "Inarch Award 2001" and "First Prize of Architecture Trevi Flash Art Museum", while his works have been exposed in important museums. Recently, the company took care of construction of a large private residence in Germany, where an old building on the outer edge of the center of Regensburg has been reinvented to match with the surrounding historical context. The project was presented at the World Architectural Festival Award held in 2012.

Now he aims at repeating last year success, as the Kami Spa bulidning has been shortlisted to participate in 2013 edition of the WAF Award. Mr. Berarducci will compete in the Hotel/leisure section, together with other twelve architects from different countries, including the U.S., the United Kingdom, China, India and Brazil. The prizes will be given in October in Singapore, during an event that the organizers define "the world's largest festival and live awards competition dedicated to celebrating, and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe": the jury will include architecture stars such as Dietmar Eberle, Jeanne Gang and Patrick Bellew.

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