An Italian building among ArchDaily Buildings of the Year

An Italian building among ArchDaily Buildings of the Year

The Number Six and its superb mixture of tradition and modernity

A few days ago, ArchDaily, one of the most famous American website covering architecture and interior design trends with over 80.000.000 monthly page views, published the names of the winners of its 2015 edition of the "Building of the Year" competition.

Thousands of projects competed this year and ArchDaily readers had to go through all those relying on their beauty, intelligence, creativity, or service to the community to identify their favourites. All projects competed in 14 different categories: religious, sports, educational, interior, hospitality, public, industrial, commercial, cultural and healthcare architectures, as well as houses, offices, housing, and refurbishment.

Italy won the first prize for the latter category with a beautiful building located in Turin. It is called The Number 6, and it is the renovation of Palazzo Valperga Galleani, that ArchDaily introduces as "one of the best representations of architectural salvage, respect for cultural heritage, technology, elegance and sense of beauty". The Building Engineering team led by Mr Richi Ferrero who renovated it is praised for having succeeded in giving a new residential soul to an important historical and architectonic property.

According to ArchDaily experts, the reconstruction opened what used to be a private space to the city, decorating it with art objects, proper lighting, plants, and flowers. Palazzo Valperga Galleani hosts today 36 apartments, which have all been designed in accordance of the pre-existing layout. This work has successfully reconciled "architectural solutions to an artistic and stenographic setting designed to give an added value to the space, making it enjoyable for visitors".

The result is a superb mixture of tradition and modernity, which is literally astounding visitors, and this is probably the detail that pushed ArchDaily users to select The Number 6 among their favourite projects.

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