A "House of Glass" to enjoy Lake Garda beautiful landscape

A "House of Glass" to enjoy Lake Garda beautiful landscape

Architect Renato D’Alberto designed the perfect house to immerse in the stunning Italian nature

For people looking for a place where they can immerse themselves in the nature, it is usually recommended to buy a small cottage in the mountains, or a house in a not-very-crowded seaside resort. The Italian architect Renato D'Alberto, instead, has designed a stunning "House of Glass" to enjoy the surrounding panorama from a green, elegant, and comfortable, location.

The "House of Glass", as local people are used to call it, has been built in northern Italy, on the southeastern shore of Lake Garda, merging local materials with modern technology. Surrounded by never-ending and floor-to-ceiling windows, D'Alberto's house guarantees an extraordinary view on the Italian largest lake as well as on its surrounding mountains and beautiful vegetation.

The Italian architect describes his jewel as a minimalist structure, a two-story house covering 180 square meters. Completed in 2012, it is now on the market for ?1.7 million ($2.25 million). The "House of Glass" includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a teak terrace. Its sliding windows are equipped with motorized external blinds to regulate light all over the day, tile floors help keeping the house cool in summer, and under-floor gas heating make it warm in winter. The house can also count on a 2,500-square-meter lot, which includes a private olive grove.

Originally built as a private home for Renato D'Alberto and his wife, the couple eventually decided to put in on the market as they now aim at designing, building and selling new homes in the Garda Lake area. This particular location is indeed very convenient as shopping areas, restaurants and a public beach is only 1.5 kilometers away, and other touristic destinations such as Venice, Verona, Mantua, and Bergamo are less than 100 kilometers away.

Renato D'Alberto's jewels offer a practical alternative to people looking for a second-home in Italy. Most of currently available apartments are clustered in small villages and cannot offer a proper view on the lake and an easy access to the beach, which is what foreign tourists usually look for.

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