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Italy, united out of nine former independent states, celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2011

The objective of this White Paper, written in cooperation with Prof. Richard Vietor of Harvard Business School, Professor Alberto Onetti of Insubria University, Intesa Sanpaolo research and study center, and Fernando Napolitano, is to illustrate why Italian businesses represent an attractive investment proposition to US investors. The authors have consulted and utilized the research and publications by Prof. Marco Fortis of Fondazione Edison, as well as a number of other internationally recognized data sources.

This White Paper argues that although Italy doubtless faces a number of macroeconomic challenges, there is vibrant, yet unknown, economy that is conquering landmarks and chalking up achievements across the world markets. "Made in Italy" is, contrary to the conventional wisdom, a world leader in many sectors, not just in those business areas for which it is best known (e.g. fashion, furniture, food and fast cars) but also in highly innovative areas such as biosciences, clean-tech and information & communications technology.








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