Italy welcomes the Ghost Team, the first multilingual ghost-writing agency
Italy welcomes the Ghost Team, the first multilingual ghost-writing agency
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Italy welcomes the Ghost Team, the first multilingual ghost-writing agency

The new agency will help you breaking any linguistic or cultural barriers

The Ghost Team is a new project launched to support managers and executives who need to write compelling books, articles, speeches or blogs. The Ghost Team is actually the first multilingual ghost-writing agency. It includes more than 40 professionals among journalists, translators and designers living all over the world. This global team has been created for a very specific reason: their "local" background and the familiarity they have acquired through years on the place where they have been living has transformed them in the best possible consultants for managers, business developers, politicians, diplomats and military leaders.

"This project has been in development for a while," said founder Roberto Race. "The professionals involved have been working in the background for a number of years, writing books, speeches and articles for public figures. The Ghost Team has been created to 'institutionalise' this activity, a job that requires the highest attention to detail and results. Our added value comes from our close interaction with clients, our focused communication strategy and a rigorous system of cost control. Quality content is the foundation for building a good communication strategy and successful relationships."

The Ghost Team is already active in New York, London, Brussels and Dubai, and its new office in Rome has been recently inaugurated. Two other Eastern European hubs are expected to join the Team before the end of the year.

The agency works on individual "ghost" assignments tailored to client needs as well as ongoing projects, such as the updating of blogs and websites with new content. It employs a multilingual team including authors, translators and graphic designers on each project which ensures clients can break through any linguistic or cultural barriers.

"In the last few months, many of the ghost-writers who I work with have asked me to put together an international team capable of guaranteeing clients an exceptionally high level of quality. These include journalists writing for some of the main international newspapers and magazines who are keen to work in an organised and recognised Ghost Team. In this way, we aim to put the best of their abilities to use in forming effective communication campaigns," said Race. "In today's complex world, made up of competitive economies as well as attention to ethical and sustainable consumption, conflicts and migration flows, we are positioned in the high end of the market sector. We offer texts and analysis written and revised by a multicultural team of journalists and translators who can add value to clients' analysis. Each product, often produced in several languages, is the fruit of team work that guarantees quality content for effective communication campaigns."

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