2012: the economic players of the year in Italy
2012: the economic players of the year in Italy
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2012: the economic players of the year in Italy

Among them bankers, ministers and entrepreneurs

A banker, a criticized minister and representatives of the workers in the ascendant. And then famous managers and entrepreneurs, besides some other names not well known to most people. These are the protagonists of the 2012 Italian and international economy. What follows below is a brief summary of their achievements.

1.     Mario Draghi. He has been, without doubt, the absolute protagonist of 2012. The President of the European Central Bank, the first Italian to hold this task. Draghi succeeded in something, that many considered a "mission impossible": the enactment of an anti-spread plan aimed at saving euro. A great success indeed

2.     Elsa Fornero. Nobody is particularly fond of her: neither the centre-left, nor the centre-right politicians, but one thing is for sure, the determined Welfare Minister has been one of the 2012 economy protagonists, at least in Italy. She promoted the work and pensions reforms, controversial measures expected to give rise to polemics even in 2013.

3.     Maurizio Landini. Protagonist of  trade union fights and considered by many the possible future leader of the centre-left political coalition.

4.     Martin Winterkorn. In this moment of deep crisis of the European car market,  Volskswagen Ceo Martin Winterkorn said the German group is planning to invest 50 billion euros over the next 3 years.

5.     Brunello Cucinelli. His company has been the only Italian company listed on the stock exchange of Milan. Its stocks earned about 70%. Despite this success, the Italian entrepreneur has become popular, most of all, for rewarding each of his employees with an additional wage of more than 6.000 euros.

6.     Giorgio Squinzi. Leader of Confindustria ( Italian federation of industrials)since last March, he signed the first important agreement on work productivity.

7.     Alberto Bombassei. Brembo group Ceo, winner of the Ernst&Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

8.     Tim Cook.  The chief executive of Apple, Steve Job's heir, brought the company to be the one with the highest stock exchange value ($ 660 billion.)

9.     Stephanie Rollings Blake.Baltimora mayor, not a popular name in the financial community, but she was one of the first to denounce the Liborscandal.

10.   Maria Cannata. Not well known to the majority of people, but, she has been another protagonist of the Italian economy in 2012 with her management skills and the emission of Bpt Italia( Italian Government Bonds) which succeeded especially among small savers.

And las but not least it has to be said! The small saver should be the 11th protagonist of the year. Many Italian savers, in fact, by buying with their little money the Italian Government Bonds, took them away from the greedy hands of speculation.

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