Welcome to Eataly World
Welcome to Eataly World
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Welcome to Eataly World

The world's largest agri-food park just opened in Bologna

FICO Eataly World, the world's largest agri-food park was inaugurated in Bologna in November. The entry is free, and the new park offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the wonders of Italian biodiversity with its food & wine excellence.

Ham, cheese, pasta, pizza, rice, honey, sorbetto, confetti, candies, truffles, olive oil, wine, beer, chocolate, ice cream: the secrets of the most famous Italian culinary traditions will become accessible to park visitors.

To make the visit to the park unforgettable, the FICO team has decided to associate this unique culinary experience to art: beyond cooking master classes and dedicated  child-lab, visitors will have the chance to entertain themselves enjoing temporary art exhibitions and performances.

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