Expo and Territories connects Italian fineries with Expo 2015
Expo and Territories connects Italian fineries with Expo 2015
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Expo and Territories connects Italian fineries with Expo 2015

A new initiative aimed at appraising local cultural, environmental and food excellence.

"Expo and Territories" is a new initiative promoted by Italian Government in parallel with Expo 2015. Its main aim is to connect the universal exposition to the beauties of Italian territories. In particular, this initiative involves 19 regions and stands as a chance to put in evidence the richness of Italian resources (both cultural and environmental) and well as the skills of Made in Italy, promoting them internationally.

To do so, every ministry involved will sponsor particular activities. The MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) supports the creation a promotional video for every region to be included in Expo Italian Pavilion as well as an innovative master on territorial development devoted to young people, who will become "scientific ambassadors". On the other hand, the MIBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism) devoted 20 cultural sites (14 under the UNESCO's patronage) to host events linked to Expo 2015. Through its network of embassies, consulates and cultural institutes, the Foreign Affairs Ministry worked as an advertising platform for the initiatives taking place so that many other international visitors could know about Expo and Territories. The Education Ministry will employ about 5,000 students who, after being trained, will welcome the tourists in the sites of interest while the Ministryof the Environmentand Protection of Land and Sea (MATTM) will offer 14 specific paths in natural reserves and 2 in protected maritime areas.

Worth mentioning is that Italy is very proud of some "excellences" involved in the project. In particular, the UNESCO sites like the Residencies of the Royal House of Savoy (in Turin), Portovenere and Cinque Terre (Liguria), Villa d'Este (Tivoli) and Assisi religious sites. Nonetheless, exclusive wines like Barbaresco and Borolo (from Piedmont) but also Chianti (Tuscany) will highlight Italian skills. Lastly, Lombardy will show outstanding milk and extra virgin olive oil and Sicily will emerge for its world known Bronte Pistachio.

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