Christmas trends in Italy
Christmas trends in Italy
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Christmas trends in Italy

Budget, Christmas trees and gifts

A recent survey conducted by Codacons (the Italian Association of Consumers) put in evidence how Italians are ready to spend 10 billion Euros for Christmas. This outstanding amount is translated into 166,6 Euros per person devoted to all the needs for Christmas time, such as decorations, lunches and dinners.

Despite the economic uncertainty still characterizing the Bel Paese, Italians do not want to give up to their tradition, increasing the budget for the food (+2,8% compared to last year) without varying the one for the gifts. At the same time, Italians will save money with Christmas trees and house decorations, whose budget is inferior compared to last year.

Differently from past years, more families are opting for real Christmas trees: + 3% of families compared to last year will buy a real tree. Christmas trees will be smaller (more convenient in terms of costs, transport and space) and the average expenditure per family will be about 35 Euros. 90% of these trees will come from nurseries while only 10% from the forest. This Italian choice for real Christmas trees is also motivated by the need to reject plastic trees as not environmental-friendly. In fact, their production and transport implies great consumptions of oil and greenhouse gases, taking up to 200 years to become biodegradable in the environment.

Interestingly, Codacons survey also revealed how 1 Christmas gift out of 3 will bought online. Ebay remains a great colossus for Christmas shopping: the total amount spent on the platform will be about 8,2 billion Euros, which means abut 211 Euros per person. While some people are still in favour of small presents for Christmas, 14% Italians will spend about 400 Euros for Christmas gifts. The most appreciated presents are travels (23%), shoes and clothing (9%), books (8%), while the most hated ones are socks, house decorations, sex toys and lingerie.

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