TheShopway experience
TheShopway experience
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TheShopway experience

The successful Italian platform for e-commerce

TheShopway is the new Italian online platform that allows the opening an e-commerce virtual shop for free and in a few steps from home. TheShopway founder is the young Italian entrepreneur, 28 years old, Claudio Perlini who officially launched the company in February 2017. Claudio has a background training in fashion designer and he worked in this field for one year in a multinational company. Claudio then decided to travel around Italy and throughout Europe in order to get the adequate skills to open up a successful business. And he made it.

Today, TheShopway already counts 180 registered companies. The functioning of the platform is quite easy. The user - as explained by Claudion Perlini - needs to register and follow the steps to create his e-shop. Within 24 hours time, TheShopway staff will contact the user in order to help him in the following steps of registration and to explain him the essential services he should assure in order to start an on-line business, such as a newsletter and a communication strategy on different social networks. On this subject, TheShopway also helps the customers to make the most of their budget for social network adverting.

TheShopway staff also offers first setup assistance for the most important online market places, such as Amazon and eBay. Last but not list, TheShopway staff provides a free report assessment of the new shop, stressing what is good and the weaknesses on which the shop should work to improve its future performance.

Claudio Pelini's ambition does not stop to a single business. In fact, the young Italian entrepreneur aims at specialising on precise niches of users while opening special marketplaces devoted to particular niche products. So doing, TheShopway could be an exclusive means allowing the selling of particular products and providing the sellers with a great preferential getaway to the online market.

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