Naples welcomes the Big Hack-HackNight@Museum
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Naples welcomes the Big Hack-HackNight@Museum

A full weekend devoted to innovative apps

The Big Hack-HackNight@Museum is a ground-breaking event hosted in Naples from the 1st until the 2nd of July. The initiative is taking place at Capodimonte Museum and it was promoted by the Campania Regional administration, Maker Faire Rome, Sviluppo Campania and Tecno, the industrial group which became a leader in providing support services to companies.

The Big Hack-HackNight@Museum is a free event which specifically addresses developers, makers, engineers, designers, startuppers, students and communicators who are involved in the creation of apps having the aim of improving everyday life. These apps range from different fields, such as mobility, cultural heritage, e-commerce, smart art and health care. The initiative can be defined as a "technological marathon" where brilliant minds come together in a team and, through the support of expert mentors, they develop project prototypes. In total, there will be 8 challenges in which the teams will present their projects via an ad hoc pitch and each promoter will have to choose the team that has more fulfilled the requirements for his challenge.

The marathon will finish on Sunday 2nd July at 4 pm. Each challenge will award the winning team with Amazon vouchers worth 2.500 Euros. The only exception is the challenge promoted by STMicroelectronics which will give the following prizes to the winning first winning team: 5 Wearable Sensor Units (STEVAL-WESU1), 1 Sensor Tile (STEVAL-STLKT01V1), 1 Arduino Star OTTO Light (ARD-OTTO-STM32), 1 STM32F7 discovery kit (STM32F769I-DISCO), 1 Nucleo-64 (NUCLEO-F446RE), 1 Nucleo-32 (NUCLEO-F303K8) and a showroom at the NeaPolis Innovation Technology Day on 15th November. STMicroelectronics will also provide the second best team with a prize, i.e. 5 Wearable Sensor Units (STEVAL-WESU1),

Participating in the event is very easy. Those who are interested need to pre-register through the Eventbrite platform, fill in the form received via email and send it back to the organizers.

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