MYAGONISM: the social “netsporting” of the future
MYAGONISM: the social “netsporting” of the future
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MYAGONISM: the social “netsporting” of the future

Called the social “netsporting” of the future, Myagonism is another Italian idea. After having passed the successful training at the technology hub of Pavia, the three founders from Chiari are working in San Francisco at the prestigious start-up school of Silicon Valley, selected by Mind the Bridge

The idea originated with the purpose of bringing out talents through self-monitoring, in every area of sport.

What does this mean? Myagonism creates a social network for sport, where a talented sports person can supervise his or her performance in order to create relations with other stakeholders interested in this area.

This platform allows talents, talent scouts and companies to create professional relationships quickly, to control performance and to get jobs for users in a simple way.

Thanks to the app, that will be launched in July, every user can upload the talented person's performance in real time (from the field) with a "click".

It enhances a rapid exchange of information between the users, even if " privacy should be preserved thanks to a secret and revolutionary application available in July", said Lorenzo, one of the founders, during an interview.

The idea was recognized by the Technology Hub of Pavia. The first investor is an entrepreneur from Chiari, Gaetano Passano, and the first official sponsor is Saxe, the famous sport textile supplier.

The work is hard and the project is challenging. Every user is waiting for the new app with the purpose of starting to use that as soon as possible and testing the efficacy of the system.

We sincerely wish they will have the opportunity to attain success in a world where passion and innovation are two faces of the same coin.

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