What Italy does to support schools
What Italy does to support schools

What Italy does to support schools

How to teach children healthy food habits

Selex Group - a company active in the big distribution - is an Italian leader in food products not only on national scale but also at the European level.

This year, Selex has promoted a project to educate young children on the concept of "healthy diet". The first Selex's effort in this field was launched in 2014 with the project "Let's play to know the food" in 2014. The name of the current initiative is "Rainbow at the table: discovering fruit and vegetables" and it is addressed to kindergartens throughout Italy for the school year 2016/2017. Both initiatives are part of the bigger project "All together for School", since many years supporting kindergartens and primary schools in Italy, involving young students but also teachers and parents.

The aim of the initiative is to make children more familiar with fruit and vegetables, using a playful approach, which was created in collaboration with Giunti Progetti Educativi working for more than 20 years in campaigning for schools.

With regard to the Rainbow project, the partner schools will receive a didactic kit to start working in the classroom. Furthermore, children will be led to the world of greens, discovering their shapes, colours, season and the itinerary to arrive to our tables.

Worth mentioning is that the initiative is free. In fact, every consumer can give his school a special coupon with 250 points acquired by shopping Selex products at the supermarket. The coupon will allow the school to buy the didactic material for the initiative and also the tickets for educational trips to places like the Aquarium in Cattolica. Moreover, points can be used as money to buy educational games on several topics, such as on road safety, ecosystem and mechanics.

More information is available on the website www.tuttiperlascuola.it, where you can see all the schools taking part in the project, along with all the prizes in the catalogue.

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