Le Wagon arrives to Italy
Le Wagon arrives to Italy

Le Wagon arrives to Italy

Milan open its doors to the best coding school

"Don't download the app you need, create your own!" This is the massage Le Wagon addressed to all young people and entrepreneurs willing to increase their coding skills.

Le Wagon is the best coding school and the first arriving in Italy. Milan will be the first Italian city opening its doors to the leader corporation teaching IT languages and programming. Le Wagon will offer an intensive training, lasting 9 weeks, addressed to students, entrepreneurs and to those people willing to learn the fundamentals of coding (front- and back-end). In particular, the course is conceived for all those having a business idea and wiling to create their own startup. The course is also devoted to those people interested in working in the high-tech field as developers, product managers and IT product managers.

Next training course is scheduled on March 5th 2018, it will be entirely held in English and it will require a full-time commitment from the participants for five days a week. In details, the course will consist of 9 thematic modules: 4 devoted to back-end development (essential to work behind the scenes of a website) and the remaining 5 addressing the front-end development, i.e. the interface, what users see and where they interact.

Le Wagon is present in 26 cities abroad and it is certified as the First Bootcamp in the World. The company is a partner of Startup Grind Milano, the biggest community of startups in Italy, which will offer 10 scholarships covering 50% of the costs of the training course sponsored by Le Wagon. The company places greater emphasis on coding not just as a profession but a mindset. In fact, learning coding languages means first of all to develop the computational thought. The latter means to reason with algorithms, deal with complex problems and divide them in smaller parts to find a solution. For all these reasons, Le Wagon's motto is "change your life: learn to code".

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