Nextwin: the first Social Sports Betting Game in Italy

Nextwin: the first Social Sports Betting Game in Italy

In less than a month it was able to reach over 2,000 users and get 1,500 fans

Nextwin, the Italian innovative platform focused on sport bets, is online since September 2014. This ambitious project was conceived and launched by a group of three young experts, fond of sport and betting.

Thanks to the original betting simulator, players have the chance to increase the win rate and to challenge others in the community.  Furthermore, the section Live Score enables the users to monitor real time the matches results.

Nextwin can definately be regarded as an accurate tool to keep an eye on statistics in order to develop an effective betting strategy. Still, it also has a social side! It allows to compare assumptions, to monitor other betters' performances and imitate the most successful ones. In fact, it stands as an equilibrate mixture of a betting website and a social network.

Worth mentioning is that users do not necessarily need real money. In fact, they are given a virtual coin (Nextcoin) to use for all the operations. Nevertheless, those who are willing can bet and win proper Euros and Dollars.

Self-confident betters can fill in their game sheet, submit it, and access their accounts. This procedure is possible since Nextwin is in partnership with some the most important betting websites, i.e. Betclic, Paddypower, SportYes, Unibet, William Hill. The platform also favours competitions among the users. The prizes mainly consist of bonuses, which can be spent on other partner websites.

In few months, Nextwin gained a remarkable visibility on the web. The volume of bets is quite high and it is also very popular on social networks, in particular on Facebook. Encouraged by this initial success, Nextwin developers and founders are determined to continue working on it, in order to improve its functions, services and performances. As a result, let's all expect to hear people talking about Nextwing and its innovative nature...without forgetting its "made in Italy" core feature.

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