Italy: new opportunities in the real estate market

Italy: new opportunities in the real estate market

A new website listing all public properties

Are you considering to invest in Italy and you don't know from where to start? If this is the case, could be the perfect platform to monitor what the country has to offer.

Real estate is an extremely diverse sector. There are privates looking for new properties either for themselves or as a safe form of investments. There are both businessmen and foreign governments interested in buying areas to redevelop, houses to be transformed into hospitals or schools, but also restaurants, hotels, and even infrastructure hubs.

To make their lives easier, the Italian government has created a dedicated website,Invest in Italy Real Estate, collecting all available options among properties owned by the government, by companies in which the government or other public bodies have a shareholding or those with mixed public-private shareholders.

As clearly explained in the website, "the project is part of the framework of initiatives envisaged by the "Sblocca Italia" (Unlock Italy) decree, designed to promote investment in Italy, by the Prime Minister's Department in coordination with the Ministry for Economic Development, through ICE - the Agency for promoting Italian enterprises abroad and their internationalisation, in collaboration with the Treasury Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and with the State Property Office".

This simple website is expected to facilitate and promote interaction between demand for professional investments and remarkable real estate investment opportunities "selected from amongst Italy's most important public properties in terms of location, type and size".

To different categories of investment opportunities are now available to potential investors: the so-called "heritage buildings, with a pre-defined designated use, which may be converted into premium office space or luxury hotels", and traditional "real estate development properties ranging from buildings to be converted to building lots to be developed. The intended use of these properties may be re-defined on the basis of valid, sustainable proposals and special requests submitted by potential investors and end-users".

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