Italian companies start using WeChat
Italian companies start using WeChat
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Italian companies start using WeChat

The popular Chinese platform revolutionizing the Internet world

WeChat (Weixin, ??) became a colossus in communications in China, which has revolutionised the Internet world. WeChat also became a vehicle integrated with an e-commerce platform, which is able to impact remarkably online sales. WeChat was founded in 2011 by Tencent and soon became the most popular instant messaging tool in China.

Also, Italian companies in China can benefit from this great platform for marketing, promotion and sales. This is the stance emerged during the conference recently organised by Italy-China Foundation, Studio Gianni, Orogoni Grippo, Cappelli & Partners. This conviction came out as a result of recent trends regarding Chinese people. Undoubtedly, they are amazing Internet users: 92.5% of Chinese population access the Internet through a device and more than 700 million use WeChat to check the weather, to shop online and even or pay the bills.

Italians entrepreneurs in China have well understood this concept and are ready to adapt to Chinese preferences. For this reason, as AgiChina clearly explains, WeChat Italia was set up to simplify the passages to get into the Chinese market. Companies can create an official account even without a Chinese business license, but they will have to make a minimum advertising investment of 15 thousand euros.  Valentino was among the Italian pioneers of this system, preceding the great wave of applications coming from the fashion world. After that, several design companies wanted to use WeChat, followed by other businesses active in the food sector. Among them, Noberasco - producer of dried fruit - has recently opened an account.

Andrea Ghizzoni, country director of WeChat Italy, has announced that Aeroporti di Roma will soon open an account on the platform and it will be followed by cinema and multimedia businesses. Guizzoni has also put in evidence some relevant figures concerning WeChat: 169 million users shop on WeChat and the annual turnover of online sales the company registers is 71,5 billion dollars.

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