The 9 top Italian 'food social influencers'
The 9 top Italian 'food social influencers'
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The 9 top Italian 'food social influencers'

Benedetta Rossi, Chiara Maci and Antonino Canavacciuolo dominate the Blometer ranking

A recent analysis conducted by Blometer, which has been relaunched by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, has revealed who are the top nine Italian social influencers in the food sector.

The results of the analysis mainly came from the observation of different well-known personalities on the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube), who are not only food bloggers but also chefs de cuisine and pastry chefs.

The first one is Benedetta Rossi who was able to produce  about 6 posts a day, which triggered 3.1 million interactions over her four social channels (mostly on Facebook and YouTube). Furthermore, her followers are 3.5 million and she definitely leads the classification. The second position is occupied by another woman, Chiara Maci. She usually comes up with 7 posts a day which are able to generate 472 thousand interactions. What attracts her fans is not only linked to her culinary skills but also to the special moments of her private life shared on the social media.

Chiara also had privilege to pass one of the icons of Italian gastronomic scenario: Chef Antonino Canavacciuolo, who got the 3rd position. He was not very active over the last month, posting only one piece a day. In spite of his quietness, he still got 367 thousand interactions by his fans. Women again take over the scene with Valentina Boccia  - 4th position - who became very famous and appreciated thanks to her chocolate cake. Valentina has overcome the famous Chef Rubio, who occupies position 5with 330 thousand interactions.

Iginio Massari - from the world of pastry chefs - occupies the 6th position and he is immediately followed by Valentina Ciccotti, the most active character in the chart posting 50 elements a day.

Two men close the classification: Marco Bianchi and Joe Bastianisch. While Marco stands out as a great promoter of good food - having authored 14 books on the topic - Joe is another icon of the international food scene. Thanks to the program Masterchef he has achieved great popularity all over the world. We still find him down to position 9 because of his lack of activity over the last 30 days.

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