Italian designer Valentina Audrito's new life in Indonesia
Italian designer Valentina Audrito's new life in Indonesia
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Italian designer Valentina Audrito's new life in Indonesia

Aimed at creating new things that provoke and educate, Ms. Audrito manage to offer eggs several new lives

The Wall Street Journal describes her as a girl who grew up lounging on the red-lip sofa inspired by the shape of Marilyn Monroe's lips created by her father, Franco Audrito, with the help of his famous design team. A copy of this sofa moved with her to Indonesia when Valentina landed to the Southeast Asian country in 1998 with her dream of developing her design career there, and it is now a masterpiece of the living room of her new villa, Lalaland, in Canggu, on the south coast of the Indonesian province of Bali.

The red-lip sofa is now surrounded by Valentina's "egg-inspired" creations. It seems that is was the versatile nature of the eggs to push the Italian designer to dedicate a whole collection (or career) to them: seats, lounge beds, lamps, carpets, tables and many other household objects in lalaland reminds to the shape of an egg.

Ms. Audrito, 40 years old, explained to The Wall Street Journal that nothing is planned in the way in which her house has been furnished, where Valentina, her husband Abhishake Kumbhat and their two children enjoy living as if they were in a playground. The Italian designer believes that everybody should live with his own ideas, "full of elegance, all together, without any rational organization", as what is in the house is not just decoration, rather useful tips to discover something more about people living there.

The fact that the couple shares a passion for art and design in palpable everywhere: what she calls mini art projects and other kind of messages celebrating birthday and anniversary are everywhere, although without following any particular pattern. It is not surprising, then, to learn that Valentina and Abhishake manage together Word of Mouth, a company they describe as a good compromise to maintain integrity while having fun,"make new things that provoke and educate, and continue to develop and learn from our environment".

Word of Mouth is specialized in supervising architecture and interior-design projects, as well as on retail, selling Ms. Audrito's egg-shape furniture and a few more pieces inspired by Balinese culture and traditions.

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