BePuppy, the Italian app for pets
BePuppy, the Italian app for pets
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BePuppy, the Italian app for pets

This unusual social network was launched only four months ago and it counts now more than two thousand registered dogs

Did you ever considered that social networks may be appealing for pets, too? Believe it or not, some time ago a smart Italian guy decided to check that himself, and he was so impressed by what he discovered that he decided to shape a new social network for dogs.

It took Marco Martinenghi a while to figure out what would work for animals and what would not, but although his innovative platform is currently limited to dogs, only, it is difficult to hide his success in terms of social user response and appreciation.

In case you are asking yourself why a dog should register to a social network, after browsing the BePuppy platform for a little while a few answers can be easily identified. First, sharing information. Like mums are used to do with kids, pets lover find it interesting and useful to have an online platform where to share their knowledge, problems and any other kind of experience with "peers".

Second, it is unbelievable how diverse the world of pets can be. BePuppy is currently focusing on dogs, only, but Mr Martinenghi is committed to welcome other pets to his platform, in a way that could help pets owners to discover the secret worlds of animals they are not used to live with.

Third, BePuppy helps pet owners living close to each other to easily find some help if their dogs get lost, as well as when they need to look for somebody interested in adopting some puppies in case they cannot take care of all of them. Last but not least, there are more and more VIPs that find it cool to share images of their pets. Accordingly, it cannot be a coincidence that BePuppy was launched only four months ago and it has already more than two thousand dogs registered on its website.

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