Welcome to Yuju's Wonderland

When I first listened to REC., the debut album as a solo artist of Yuju, I had a clear image in front of me: a talented 24 years old just singing her life out, her memories - as a singer and former member of GFRIEND - and her hopes and dreams for the future.

REC. is a pure work of art. Chancellor worked closely with Yuju on four out of the five tracks of this album that marks the start of a more personal chapter for the singer. Her first solo single, Play, is a dance-pop hit in which Yuju sings about heartbreak with her unique voice. "You played my love like a game / When the flower bloom beautifully and turned red / You broke it and far away you departed" are a small part of a chorus that is totally relatable because everyone could have experienced this kind of pain.

Panorama.it talked with her in an exclusive interview.

Congratulations on your solo debut. How do you feel?

Thank you for your congratulations! I'm a little nervous, but I'll work hard as it's an album with a lot of affection in it!

In your first solo title track, Play, your impeccable voice does the trick: this song is a real hit. How did you choose it as your first solo?

The word "Play" conveys a playful and pleasant atmosphere, but it can also double meaning. If you use it as a poetic expression, when you "play" in a relationship it means what you have with a person is not meaningful. It feels empty. I thought of mixing these two feelings to create the song.

Your album is called REC. Can you tell us more about it?

I wanted to make an album containing the precious tension that can only be felt at that moment, reminiscent of the red light that is turned on during recording. I am proud that an album with meaning has been created.

You have credits as a lyricist in all the five tracks of your album and you participated in the composition of four out of five songs. Can you share with us a few behind the scenes of this album?

Rather than intending to participate in writing and composing a lot from the beginning, I think the amount has increased little by little as I started with one or two songs and added passion. I had a lot of conversations with company employees and composers, and it was my first time participating in the song camp and learning a lot musically.

You entirely wrote the song Blue Nostalgia. Where did your inspiration come from?

I'm still a little embarrassed by the word "inspiration," but when I heard the song's demo, I released it, starting with the feelings I felt first.

You are a former member of GFRIEND. You are used to the stage, but what do you think it's the most significant difference when you make music alone?

Since I have to fill many parts alone, I have to know more about myself, and I have worked harder to express a different atmosphere for each song so that the album can be more colorful.

In all these years in the K-pop industry?

The importance of steadiness and sincerity.

Focusing on you and on your solo career. What should we expect from you?

Starting with this first album, I would like to continue to show various and attractive songs. I hope Yuju's music feels "fun and interesting."

Do you have any dream collaborations?

Tori Kelly, or I want to collaborate with overseas rappers.

If you could press play right now, knowing that the song that would start would be the one describing your life right now, what kind of music do you think will start?

It's hard to choose a song, but the music that's playing in my head now seems to be Bad Blood Instrumental for some reason. A strong feeling of excitement!

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