Celebrating the World Nutella Day
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Celebrating the World Nutella Day

Joining the Nutella lovers that are spreading their passion and their favourite Nutella-based recipes on social media

Apparently, not many people are aware that February the 5th is the "World Nutella Day". The celebration was established by the American blogger Sara Rosso on February 5th, 2007. What she said than was that she loved Nutella so much that thought the delicious Italian hazelnut spread deserved a holiday.

Lots of Nutella lovers immediately supported Ms Rosso's sweet idea, and they started sharing their passion and their favourite Nutella-based recipes on social media.

The World Nutella Day was immediately transformed in a world phenomenon, which year after year is gaining more and more attention. In 2015 Ms Rosso decided to transfer the World Nutella Day to Ferrero, the Italian company that makes Nutella. "Making this transfer allowed for the day to become even larger and ensured its longevity. The company has done some pretty creative things to support World Nutella Day. There is a website to keep current on all of the plans for the holiday. You can even sign up for a chance to become the Chief Nutella Ambassador".

The Nutella Day website offer useful tips on how to celebrate Nutella with joy. Among them, making a new recipe with Nutella, writing a song or a poem about Nutella, strike a pose with Nutella, enjoy Nutella somewhere interesting, create some Nutella inspired art, doing an original flavor pairing, relieving the first Nutella experience, taking a picture while giving Nutella to people you love or while introducing Nutella to somebody for the first time, or hosting a delicious party in honor of Nutella.

The options are many, but the main goal here is sharing them, to further spread, and nurture, the global love for Nutella. Bloggers are serious when they document that Nutella "can be spread on toast or put into the center of pastries or other baked goods", or that they have met people consuming Nutella simply with a spoon or finger, or seen "pretzel sticks to get their taste of it or even potato chips!". Nutella is addictive, that's undeniable. But it so good...that we should all continue celebrating it. Happy Nutella day to everyone!

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