Alberto Alessi and the excellence of Italian design
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Alberto Alessi and the excellence of Italian design

The company recently launched Centro Studi Alessi, a research centre devoted to the training of young brilliant minds

Alberto Alessi is current CEO of the prestigious Italian design company Alessi SPA, founded by his grandfather in 1921. As highlighted by Alberto in his book "La Fabbrica dei sogni" (the Dreams Factory) about Alessi SPA story, the company was originally launched in Omegna (Piedmont) and it focused on the production of houseware. It was Alberto's dad, Carlo, who started the revolution of the company towards the design excellence in the 1950s. In fact, Carlo started collaborating with all big designers from all over the world, also specializing in stainless steel. This innovative trend was continued by the leadership of Alberto started in the 1970s.

The corporate philosophy today was best expressed by one of Alberto Alessi's quotes: "A work of design should trigger people, transmit emotions, bring to mind important memories, surprise the observers and be maverick". This is the spirit characterizing Alessi's works, which have developed a unique style, easily recognizable and definitely successful.

Some of the most popular examples branded Alessi are the bird-shape boiler, the corkscrew reminding of a female body or even the toilet brush made as a shrub. These objects still characterize Italian homes and have mostly entered the life of many Italians as wedding gifts or as products of daily use bought by people who are very attentive to quality.

Alberto is strongly convinced that people do not buy objects only for their usefulness but foremost for the emotions and the feelings they are able to communicate. In fact, Alberto is convinced that - unconsciously - objects impact the mind of the individuals, connecting with their identity, values and dreams. For this reason, Mr Alessi gives great importance to design and its power.

Alessi SPA heart for research and continuous inputs has also led to the creation of the Centro Studi Alessi, devoted to the training of young brilliant minds in the sector and partnering with several famous designers and universities.

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